Meet our Newest Team Member

Astrosphere New Media Association proudly welcomes our new 365 Days of Astronomy Project Manager, Avivah Yamani.

Avivah is an astronomer from Indonesia who works as a writer and communicator, with a keen interest in social science, philosophy, music, art, archaeology and history. She is involved extensively with astronomy communication with the public, enjoying the challenge of conveying complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. Before focusing herself in EPO and new media, she did research on dynamical simulations of planetary systems.

Joining Astrosphere, she hopes to engageĀ  more people to understand the universe through online media. Other than astronomy, Avivah loves to travel and doing outdoor activities like camping and hanging out with friends in roadside cafes. She lives in Bandung, which is a high altitude location, making the weather pleasantly cool. Avivah maintains astronomy blog in Indonesia language.


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