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Not every school has a telescope that students can look through or lenses they can use to learn about optics. With the Telescopes4Teachers program you can help fill this equipment gap with a simple donation that’s tax-deductible in the USA. Your contributions through Astrosphere, a 501(c)3 nonprofit association, will help us send Galileoscope telescope kits to schools around the world.

The Galileoscope is a small refractor (lens-based telescope) designed to be put together by students. Assembly takes only minutes and requires no tools, tape, glue, or other nonsense. The Galileoscope can be used in the classroom to investigate how lenses make images and outside under the stars as a tool for cosmic exploration. With this easy-to-use telescope anyone can see the celestial wonders that Galileo first glimpsed 400 years ago and that still delight stargazers today: lunar craters and mountains, four moons circling Jupiter, the phases of Venus, Saturn’s rings, and more.

Visit Galileoscope.org to learn more about this great educational telescope kit!

Donate any amount to provide
Galileoscopes to underserved students around the globe!

Donate any amount to help us purchase telescope kits to distribute to teachers around the globe. In partnership with the Galileo Teacher Training Program and CosmoQuest, we will work to identify teachers in financially struggling regions, and we will provide them not just a case of Galileoscopes (6 kits) for their class, but also the training they need to teach astronomy effectively. Telescopes will be distributed once per quarter.

In the USA, donate a telescope or telescopes to specific schools*

Do you want to help a school in your local community?* We can help you do that! Use the donate buttons below to donate $50 for 1 telescope, $200 for a case of 6 telescopes, or some other amount. After you log in to PayPal or select to pay by credit card, click the “Add special instructions for seller” link and provide the name and mailing address of the recipient school; it’s also a good idea to name a particular teacher or other staffer who should receive the shipment. (If you forget, we’ll contact you.)

 $50 to send 1 telescope to a school

 $200 to send a case of 6 telescopes to a school

 a different amount toward telescopes for a school

*At this time we can facilitate the donation of Galileoscopes only to nonprofit schools, grades kindergarten through university, in the USA. We hope to be able to coordinate the donation of telescope kits to other USA nonprofit educational programs in the future. And while you can’t make tax-deductible contributions to send telescopes to specific schools outside the USA, you can nevertheless buy Galileoscopes for such schools directly by placing your order at Galileoscope.org